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We would definitely recommend this team to anyone needing a Physician Home Loan

We would definitely recommend this team to anyone needing a Physician Home Loan

We had a great experience buying our home with David Nelson and team. Emails were answered promptly and everything went very smoothly. The final cost came in under the estimate as well, which was a nice surprise. I would recommend them to others. Danielle and Dr. Mark Rowan, Pediatrician, Alpine Pediatrics

Was efficient and easy to work with. Seemed to be organized in getting information needed. Set things up and followed through. Very positive. Dr. Patrick Greis, Professor, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Utah Orthopaedic Center

We had a great experience. Thanks a million for all of your help! We are still underwater with the move, but are loving the house. Bless you and your staff! Dr. Gladys Tse, OB/GYN Physician, USMD/MCNT

The process of buying a home is arduous and exhausting. Matt Smith and his team were persistent and helpful. Dr. Adam Bell, General Surgeon, Valley Medical Center

I appreciated that he was able to get me a specific loan for my situation which for me was a physician loan

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We had a great experience with Drake and his team. We were completely new to the process and he made us feel comfortable from beginning to end. Ryan Davis deserves recognition as well for keeping us informed, handling our unique situation, and providing great https://guaranteedinstallmentloans.com/payday-loans-wy/ guidance. Dr. Jessica August, Resident Physician, and Dr. Anthony Saenz, Jr., Resident Physician, University of Arizona Medical Center

Matt Smith and his team were great. They delivered like they promised and got the job done. Joshua Slade and Dr. Chelsea Slade, McKay Dee Hospital

We lived clear across the United States from where we were building our home and the team made the entire thing hassle free doing everything via email. This was our first home purchase and they were able to keep our minds at ease and answer all of our questions. Jason Pursley Parker and Dr. Ryon Parker, Southern Nevada Internal Medicine

I was buying a home in new construction and I had a lot of questions about the differences in loan specifics which he was quick to answer

I am an extremely critical individual when it comes to customer service, and take my judgments in this area very seriously. I am continuously evaluating various areas of service I receive including: communication clarity, communication timeliness, level of respect for clients, degree of perceived effort put forth on behalf of the client, knowledge and ability in professional sphere, response to crisis or unexpected circumstances, organizational structure of team, delivering upon understood expectations, etc.

I would rate the Physician group and Josh in particular at near the highest possible level in all of these areas, and an example of the type of service I am looking for in all of my professional interactions. I was extremely impressed with Josh’s implementation of his obviously high-level personal talents. He is bright, knowledgeable, agile, and appears sincerely interested in the best interests of his clients. Even with their best efforts and intentions, I sincerely doubt there are many competitors who are even capable of matching Josh’s performance in this profession.

His talents are formidable. I fully expect that he will continue to be extremely successful in his business. I look forward to offering referrals indefinitely. Dr. Michael Warden, University of Utah School of Medicine, Resident Physician

I had a great experience with Josh. He was friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. I was especially impressed with how quickly he replied to my questions. I was working with him while I was in a different time zone on the east coast but he seemed to always be available at any time of the day. My realtor was also very impressed with his work. I would recommend this group for anyone. Dr. Scott Parker, Resident Physician, University of Utah School of Medicine

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